This journal is the answer for sharing work in printed form. Frustrated with popular contemporary ways we seek to find and create a platform for photographs and texts to exist in a physical shape. Our aim is to use this platform to distribute photographic work to an audience that appreciates print. One whose representatives want to hold it in hand, touch the pages and store it in their library. We want to talk about photography, discuss it with guest authors and collect it all between the covers of a fine magazine. Although photography remains the main focus of the publication it could be considered as a prism or a backdrop for all other topics. We believe that many of the ideas are just as easily applicable to other fields and mediums. This goes the other way around as well. You could also consider this magazine as a research report. We are all learning from this.

This second issue of GOOD NEWS is created by Damyan Doumanov and Jahan Saber with contributions by Nina Maria Allmoslechner, Kamen Kyutchukov and Emilia Martin.