134 pages

About Issue 1:

A year ago, a conversation sparked the idea for creating a print publication, which we could use to give our photographs a place to live in. Our main motivation came out of the shared frustration with how we publish photography online. A photograph only exists for a fleeting moment on a screen and due to fast scrolling a series of such turns into a gibberish movie. A printed photograph lives with you until you throw it away or your house burns down. Furthermore, the magazine provides enough ground for photographs and text to coexist in harmony. No other unavoidable visual noise. Design has a great deal importance to this publication as well. If the photographs and paragraphs are the gears, design is the lubricant. Ensuring that all runs smoothly.

Our aim is to use this platform to distribute photographic work to an audience that appreciates print. An audience that seeks to hold it in hand, touch the pages and store it in their bookshelf. We want to talk about photography, discuss it with guest authors and collect it all between the covers of a fine magazine. Although photography remains the main focus of the publication it could be considered as a backdrop for topics that all share a common language. We believe that many of the ideas are just as easily applicable to other fields and mediums and vice versa. One might consider this magazine a research report. We are all learning from this.